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About Me


Jeanette Hughes - L5 Dip

Affiliated with Professional Reflexology  feel rest assured that you are dealing with a therapist who is fully qualified, in general & specific techniques, fully insured, and knowledgeable on all current research and innovations.

Reflexology aids the body in returning naturally to a condition of balance.  I believe in the holistic approach to all things and carry out my treatments with the best of intension.

I am very passionate about the skills I have acquired and my treatments are tailored specifically to each individual that I see.

Just as I treat each client holistically, I also put my whole self into that treatment. I am highly intuitive & empathic and bring all the holistic skills I have learnt along the way into playing a part, wherever needed, in my Client's treatments.

I use Tropic products when carrying out facial treatments; vegan, most are certified organic, and essentially gentle. British made skin care  that I know I can trust and will be just as efficacious used at home too.


I came into the health & wellness community from a position of learning about myself & my frailties; needing to change my life around.  

I know what it's like to struggle with bad mental health issues, anxiety, pain, infertility, not feeling good enough & plenty of stuff in between. I believe the negatives have brought me great positives: I am calm and warm and approachable and incredibly compassionate: nothing fazes me too much anymore, and I find it really easy to put myself in the shoes of others. I have a thirst for knowledge in all aspects of the world & care about what happens to this planet as well as it's inhabitants. Oh & I have a great belief in taking responsibility for our own health wherever possible.

Jeanette Hughs

I qualified as an Holistic practitioner back in 2011 with L3 Massage, I went on to deepen my knowledge of the body with Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage and Indian Head Massage.  I have also qualified in Massage for those with Dementia.


However, my calling really was to work as a Reflexologist - a complementary therapy that I first tried back in the ’80’s before it was that widely known in Britain. I was hooked!  But as with most good intentions, life got in the way and it was 2019 before I could fully sign up for more studying.  Which brings us back to today and the many ways that Reflexology can help with the stresses & strains we all feel in modern life.


I have great empathy with my clients and take real pride in ensuring that you have nothing but the best of experiences in my care.  If you’ve never tried Reflexology before, don’t worry, during our initial consultation I will explain what will happen and then, if you are happy to proceed, all you have to do is lay back on the reclining chair & relax.  Plenty of clients actually fall asleep during their treatments as they feel so soothed!


With the 21st Centurys increasing pace of life adding untold stresses into our day to day lives, isn’t it good to know that there’s always somewhere you can go to help get back to you?

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