Wellness at Your Fingertips


Reflexology is a gentle therapy that encourages the body to balance and heal itself. Administered by applying finger/thumb pressure to specific points on the feet (or hands; face; ears).


The specific points are referred to as reflexes and as Reflexologists, we believe that these points mirror organs & structures in the main body.


Reflexology may help ease symptoms associated with:
peri menopause
post menopause
musculo/skeletal issues
radio/chemo therapy




Introducing AdvancedFacial Reflexology

Imagine the relaxing, restoring, refreshing benefits of Foot Reflexology reflecting in your face.....we all hold tension in our faces - Facial Reflexology is the perfect treatment to reduce the affect together with all the balancing stress relieving sleep inducing benefits you already know

Coming Soon!


This is an energetic therapy that I incorporate into my Reflexology treatments

Reiki is a life force - an energy that flows through every living thing.  It is a Japanese word - Rei meaning “Universal” and Ki which means “Life force energy” therefore Universal Life Force Energy.  This energy may be channelled to aid in the ease of physical/emotional and spiritual issues. 


Reiki is usually practiced by the hands placed upon the body or above  - however, I do not do this.  I use intention and by incorporating Reiki into my Reflexology practice I believe that you are able to experience an even more relaxing & energising treatment than normal.