Started out with Changes (still dealing with ...), and here I am a few weeks later with Growth - it's wonderful, and I feel so lucky to be here...

My business has finally gotten underway! I'm finally doing what I wished for all those years ago. Perhaps that's why it feels sweeter?

It was c1983 when I first had Reflexology, and sometime around 2013 was the second time.. 30 flippin' years, how mad is that. Wow, didn't realise it was so long until writing it here - but life just gets in the way doesn't it? With the best of intentions; you need to know where you can study; you need to have the means to be able to study; oh, and you need to grow up and make a life for yourself; never mind about this weird hocus-pocus fad..

So ok, perhaps I won't be too hard on myself after all..

Here I am, slowly but surely taking off and flying. And of course, I couldn't do it without the lovely Clients I have met over the past few weeks. Some have already booked in for follow up treatments...

So far... So good..

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